Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pouring Rain

Well, its raining none stop today and apparently for the next few days. I don’t mind the rain usually but there is no way I’m standing on the river in this! so for the next few days ill be tying a few lures to show off and waiting for some breaks in the downpour to get a few fish hopefully, iv been looking for new meterials that present a lot of flash with little movement to if anyone has any suggestions for tying into jigs. My comments post allows anyone to post not just blogspot users so if you come across this anyone and know of anything to tie into some jigs drop me a line at or feel free to leave a comment. Enjoy the downpour all and ill see you on the water.


  1. Hey there Druce, nice work so far on your new blog. I use bucktails too. They are very underrated and deadly. :-) I like to use one or two white maribou feathers mixed in with the natural colored hair, for a little extra flash and a pulsing effect.
    We should go fish'n Crappies together right about now or soon. Send me an email if you want to try and hook up. :-) LarryB

  2. Hey LarryB thanks a lot for taking the time to check out the blog. I agree with you on the bucktails - when everything fails, the jig always works for me. Purple and black seem to do wonders for me lately with a flash of silver. I like your idea about the maribou - I'll be sure to try it myself and post the results.

    I would love to go fishing some time, but with my new job I can't even get myself out on the water but if the time pops up I'd love to go - I'll let you know. Thanks again LarryB keep on fishin.