Friday, May 7, 2010

Its a product review...a bunch of them.

Again a long distance form my last post, hope people are still reading. I’m going to try and do regular product reviews in order to make for some good reading on the blog. This week has had some great fishing, I used a few new products and had some great results so I’m going to share a few product reviews with everyone. First lets start off with what sort of “set up” I fish with around this time of year. I like to use a 6’6 medium action rod, I like long medium actions because they give you enough sensitivity for those light walleye bites and enough back bone to handle the large pike that hone in on your lures here and there. This time of year I enjoy soft plastics They are great, they give off great action when your not trying hard and even better action when you are. One producer of… well everything is Gambler flappin shad, it comes in a 4” and 6” model, I don’t really bother with the 6” model because they seem to be too big for my liking. Flappin shad comes in a jumble of colors, unfortunately iv only managed to get my hands on three colors, Camo, crystal shad and black grey. All three colors seem to produce great results for me. They have a great wiggle and a nice paddle tail and work well jigged, swim bait rigged and even Texas rig all 3 work, although with jigs you want a long shank for hook sets on bites. I suggest every fisher person have a few in there box for just about any fish, walleye, pike, bass of all kinds and even larger perch, definitely a 4 out of 5 in my books. Next on the list is Spro’s one and only little john shallow diver, I cant say much for the deep diver if anyone was wondering, little johns catch everything and not just everything but angry everything’s, fish will hit this like its the last meal I don’t know weather it’s the unique wobble or the tungsten ball. The colors range a lot but over all id say all the vibrant tones are awesome for bass and walleye and the more darker and natural tones are great for pike maybe even a Muskie or two. Bottom line this lure catches fish spring, summer, fall, a must have for all, give you kids one for Christmas give your grandma it for her birth day we all need one, heck give me one for my birthday, at 12 bucks a piece these cranks aint no cheep ordeal! Next is Yoshikawa, now iv never heard of this brand before eBay, they sell these little 2.5 inch crank bates that run about a meter deep at max, they have an amazing swim action and no rattle, don’t even need one. They work amazing with fast cranking of the reel and sudden long stops they will stay at the depth you left them at for a long time I tell you what. Every color seems to work, trout pattern, red silver, perch, blue. I’m currently waiting on a small selection of popper lure from them as well because of how happy I was with these little guys. Fed up with the cost of curly tailed worms? Well what Iv found to be a great solutions for the costs of curly tails is buying the ones your local tackle shop makes, now I don’t know what tackle shops make them but I know Le Barons manufactures there own, or at least labels them as there own. They come in bags of around 30 for 2$ Canadian, all you gotta do is throw some salt in the bag with your favourite sent and bam you got yourself a few bucks left over to spend on piles of lures to loose on some drop off at your local fishing hole WOOHOO!! Another interesting soft plastic to look into is those little 3 inch swim bait imitations Le Barons also makes these in blue/white and black green I have to admit the action is dull but bringing them up off the rocks then letting it flutter down works great, just keep pressure and wait a good few seconds and you will get that heart stopping chomp. The look awful but it turns out they perform so bad they look like a mentally and physically challenged minnow perfect pray for your local lazy arse fish.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Water levels back up

Had the day off today, thought id check out the rideau river. The water levels back up so head down and enjoy the deep shore points! landed myself a few nice fish today and even broke a personal record, none stop fish! Every cast was a miss strike or a nice size fish. the mix of sun and smoggy over cast made the day really productive and fishing in a t-shirt was great! Keep fishing everyone!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Land Locked!! help!

So Its been a long time since iv posted anything new sorry's to all! Im a very very busy man....Lazy man. Iv only gotten out on the water twice in the past few weeks and happily its been very productive, a few fish here and there. So finally I bought a fly vice, cost me a total of $17.00 canadian from Le barons outdoor store, that place has amazing deals, its nothing special or anything but it works. Sweet now I don't have to use a wooden L bracket fitted with a model knife clamp! I also picked up a few fly tying supplies, although I don't fish fly I like to make elaborate jigs with feathers and hair and such, iv almost switched to jigs exclusively because of all the fish I'm landing on them! I don't like buying in to the lure gimmicks these days not to mention I drool over many flies I see on the web so most of my models are fly inspired, last year I managed to spend around $400 on damn crank baits and such, this year its all on feathers thread and hair and i'm saving a life time supply of cash because of it. Not to mention the level of gratification I get from landing huge snot rockets on them. Posts will be more frequent in the coming days because i'm land locked, I plan on posting a series of lures i'm tying so check back regularly all to take a look. I really want to develop a world wide community for those who fish with their own home brewed lures so I encourage anyone who has pictures to send them to me and ill me happy to post them on the site along with what ever information you want to add such as name, fish and where it was caught. Keep fishing everyone and have a great week.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pouring Rain

Well, its raining none stop today and apparently for the next few days. I don’t mind the rain usually but there is no way I’m standing on the river in this! so for the next few days ill be tying a few lures to show off and waiting for some breaks in the downpour to get a few fish hopefully, iv been looking for new meterials that present a lot of flash with little movement to if anyone has any suggestions for tying into jigs. My comments post allows anyone to post not just blogspot users so if you come across this anyone and know of anything to tie into some jigs drop me a line at or feel free to leave a comment. Enjoy the downpour all and ill see you on the water.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The blue Assassin

I started by tying some red buck tail on the top for some bloody action and some white on the bottom for a belly look. Than to top it all off I threw on some silvery blue wig hair, a patch on both sides of the jigs eyes, the wig hair moves amazing in the water and it seems best to leave it long, because the 2 strips join together when they are wet and it looks like a slender bodied bait fish swimming along. the plastic nature of the wig hair lets it fall very slow so you can give it hard twitches and you have lots of hang time. all together great tie , although the hair could be a little thicker, its very thinly spaced. Any who, enjoy everyone happy hunting.